Coach Smart is the man.

Hopefully Brandon will make that jump Shaka mentioned. Very excited about how much he plans on feeding Larry the ball. Gonna be an exciting year to be a Ram fan.

(PS. I hope ya'll hear some of your questions answered because I took a lot of stuff directly from the board)
Impressive...............both Coach Smart and the folks that brought us this interview. Well done.......and very much appreciated!
was on campus this afternoon and saw Coach Smart and Coach Courtney on Franklin Street. Smart definitely has a "youthful" look about him. Of course, more and more people are looking youthful to me these days ;)
Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing the interview. Also, thanks for the Vimeo link.
Rambler said:
Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing the interview. Also, thanks for the Vimeo link.

I second the thanks for the Vimeo link. This was the first Ramnation video that I have been able to watch. Very impressed with the production as well as Coach Smart.
Am I reading between the lines or did anyone else get the impression BRozz may be called upon to play point?
Great interview

One comment though I would have liked to hear or see what the questions were even though you can kind of figure it out. Can be kind of confusing to follow when he just changes questions in a blink.
BAFanVCU said:
Coach Smart has a great personality that shows. Post game pressers will be a little different this year.

That might be a bit of an understatement.

A most enjoyable interview.
Great interview! It is the first time that I have heard from Coach Smart in any depth. I am really excited about our future. I am also really excited about our coach.
Congratulations on an awesome job with the interview - way to go! That was so professional!!!

Coach Smart was very good - and very honest. I love his sincerity and I love what he said about Brandon Rozzel.

This summer is going to go by very slow...

Very nice job guys! And special thanks to Coach Smart for taking on this task, the fans appreciate his words and candor.