The line is in...

-4 means we should win by 4?

If so why don't they have it +4?

I never quite got this
Yeah it's a bit counter-intuitive. - means you are favored. George Mason at +4 would be 4 point underdogs.

I don't pretend to know much more than that, someone who can explain it better can jump in and clarify how it works if they want.
Think of it like this Merc.

If VCU went into the Pat Center, and instead of 0-0 on the scoreboard it read GMU-4 VCU-0 Las Vegas believes the game will end in a tie.

Therefore, the negative by the 4 means if they start the game trailing (in the negative) they would still equal GMU through the next 40 minutes.

Same with GMU, if you are given a 4 point lead to start (therefore +4) the game will play to a draw.

They believe, that starting 0-0, VCU will win by 4.

Took me forever to figure this out. Hope this helps.
Mason +4 would mean that they're "giving" you 4 points if you pick Mason, since they don't think they'll win.

VCU -4 would mean that they're "taking" 4 points from you if pick VCU, since they think they will win.

It's the way the language regarding a spread works, if that helps it make any more sense.
Thanks to Sometimes and H4P for clearing that up. Seems straightforward enough.
I guess it is too hard for Vegas to say that VCU will win by 4 points....or two baskets....or 4 freethrows....or...
Mercury said:
-4 means we should win by 4?

If so why don't they have it +4?

I never quite got this

Let me take a stab at this...

If Mason is +4 that means they start the game out "hypothetically" with a bonus 4 points. Therefore they are 4 point underdogs. Or you could look at it like, VCU -4 as, to make this game even VCU has to start off with -4 points. Seeing that Mason is at home tonight, they have a 3 point cushion. My vegas... has VCU as 7 point favorites overall.

Just a guess from a fella who doesn't bet....