The Line-Up Thus Far in the Season...


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Apr 21, 2009
I copied this form another thread. Maybe a separate topic...

Personally, I would not change the starting line-up a bit. Not yet. When the time is right, and when and if Skeen becomes ready, and is as good as we believe he might be, then he slides in as the starting 4. TJ is your grit guy off the bench- and has earned a lot of minutes. To me, the real interesting story line is who the starting 2-guard will be for the rest of the year. That could change several times too. For my money, I am LOVING "The Energy Brothers." Having B-Rozz and Nix come off the bench has been devastating, if not lethal, for a few of our foes. And I still think Gavin will get it going. He's too good of a player to let this shooting slump continue to mire his overall game. So here's how I see it:

1- Joey / Theus / Grayson
2- Gavin / Rozzell / Nixon / Daniels
3- Burgess / Nixon / Gwynn / Daniels
4- Skeen (when he's ready) / Saintil / Gwynn
5- The Landlord / KP / Saintil

* TJ is my "X-Factor" He's the guy that may not be plugged in anywhere in particular, but that can come into a game and change it with raw emotion, energy, and cold-hearted desire. I don't think he's the starter at the 4, once we have Skeen and Saintil ready to go, but TJ has GOT to get minutes. He has earned that, and has really hurt a few teams already this season. Just ask Jeff Capel!