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Apr 5, 2009
veryone talks about W&M living by the three and their great outside shooting but look at the stats-We shot 51 times, 26 3's and made 11. They shot 50 times, 26 threes and 10. Looks like we shoot it pretty well and often ourselves. We didn't play good enough defense but I'm still happy-we are gonna be great by Feb.
Yeah, I was kind of surprised by this when I saw it as well. I thought they shot a much higher percentage then that. It seems like our 3's were the reason we were able to get out to a double digit lead and their 3's were the reason that they were able to come back. As good as we are in the first half we don't shoot 3's worth a flip in the 2nd half. We were playing pretty good D on some of those three's but they only needed to be freed up for a split second to get a shot off during the comeback. I think it came down to some of the fouls on their last few offensive possessions. I remember at least twice in the last few mins of the game that we fouled with under 5 on the shot clock and then the final foul with 3 left on the game clock. If we weren't so aggressive and kept them from putting points on the board in just one of those 3 possessions that could have made the difference.
As good as we are in the first half we don't shoot 3's worth a flip in the 2nd half.

Live by the 3, die by the 3.

15-18 attempts is the most we should ever take in a game.
Yeah 26 attempts are probably 8 too many.

Unless you were like that guy from W&M who was just automatic.
I think you have to consider the speed of the game and the defense of the opponent (zone). Also against W&M we played 4 SG's Ed (3-5) Brandon (3-4) Gavin (1-5) Troy (1-2), Then you throw in the other shooters in Brad(0-3) TJ(2-3) and Joey (1-4). Only thing I don't like right now is our best 3 point shooters percentage wise are coming off the bench in Ed (.478) and Brandon (.444). They also have the best free throw precentage both with .8333. Having said that, I like "The Energy Brothers" coming off the bench.