Toibu "Tobi" Lawal

I was thinking over the last week of a cross between Ward, Sanders, Reco, and throw in some Nick George for geography, and a bit of Deri for the way he moves. The key will be which one of the above he evolves into and which attributes from those he develops. Will be work really hard as a fairly raw player in The BDC to become the steal of the decade, let's hope ! His explosive vertical at his height reminds me of Kenrick, but Warren was way more experienced by the time he arrived. He hasn't had a ton of exposure and it was kept on the QT because once VCU shows a lot of attention a bunch of schools jump in. I like the use of this final scholarship.
Absolute freak athlete. From UK then a small prep school. Could be a diamond in the rough a la tre Clark and KeShawn curry for recent examples. His floor is hopefully a solid defender and second chance clean up rebounder who can run the break and convert. Ceiling, we’ll see. Exciting athlete