Recruiting Transfer Portal

I haven't been too excited about any of the names we have been linked to so far. I am sure there is a lot going down we don't know about, but my thoughts so far:

I really like Sam Alexis potential as a front court player. Back to the basket guy, good rebounder, can even hit a few threes when you need. Sophomore so can still develop more. I like that in games where he doesn't score, he might have 11 rebs. So still helps the team. Really surprised DL isn't talking this guy up.

I like Wayne McKinney as a possible JNel replacement. Another small guard but more dynamic, a real fast spark plug type, good passer. Dribbles into the trees like JNel did but often makes something out of it.

Dakota Leffew is a straight bucket. Be like having another Bam but more consistent.

As said above Thomas from NSU would be a great piece with Zeb. Would remind me if the old school VCU backcourts. Two great defenders harassing opposition.

I really like Brickus from LaSalle. He is the alpha type guard we never seem to have. Games on the line he is taking the shot and probably making it.

Cade Tyson seems like a good fit for Odom. Really great shooter from three, but a pure catch and shoot guy. Not sure if he offers anything outside of that
Weren't you against more short guards? I mean he's no bigger than Klary...I mean...if that's the case..We should contact Ballard and Boo down at FIU and see if they can suggest VCU to Arturo Dean.

9th ranked pg in the portal.

Besides that, he's a mini glove. One of the best on ball defenders in the portal. He led the nation in steals.

That would be me.