Tulane Viewing Party at Mulligans


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Feb 9, 2009
I just spoke with Mike, one of the managers at Mulligans. He said he'd be happy to host us again, and should be able to get the game up on the big screen. So we're on for Saturday at 2. Bring a friend :)

Swiss, can you set up the facebook event?
Unfortunately, working...and also watching the Longhorns stomp UNC at 2 in the new Cowboys stadium...
Working. For who I'm not sure. Ugiant? UAhold? UGiant Carlisle? UStop & Shop?
I'm not questioning your fanhood...but... i'm questioning your fanhood.
Ram it home said:
Ill be attending the NYC viewing party.....Sometimes????

No idea what is going on. Gotta do work at a client tomorrow (they're moving their offices this weekend) but I'll be there with two other engineers, so I can probably sneak out for the game. Then the only problem becomes: Where do we watch it? Just text/call me when you get here, we'll figure something out.
I've got the Nova watch party here. Just started snowing here by Dulles, but it looks like I might not be going much anywhere else tomorrow.
Just spoke to the folks at Mulligans, and we're still on!!!!

Pavarotti said:
Just spoke to the folks at Mulligans, and we're still on!!!!

I don't hate Mulligans, but darn it's bad luck. I'll never go there to watch a VCU game again (If i can help it). I've witnessed too many L's in that place.