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Feb 12, 2009
Just wanted to remind you all that we have our Twitter updates AND PLAYER TWITTER (past and current) on our front page...(they are in two different have to scroll down further on the page for the player updates)

Loved this update from Joey...

vcujrod12: chillin in FLA till tuesday.. some guy said im not a real PG and will lose my spot this year.. ahhhhhhhhhhh cant wait for basketball season

We can't wait either Joey...

(PS...I've seen so much passion from our team this summer it's not funny...gonna be a VERY exciting year)
Joey - we know you are a real RAM and you will show everyone this year what a great RAM heart you have!

How timely, Natty. If I may...I've aggregated all the twitter accounts for the entire conference that I am aware of, broken up by media/school and player/coach. The new and improved and last (if it kills me) version:
@vcujrod12: got up 1,200 shots today.. gettin better? i think so.. waiting for my tutor still then going to buy my halloween 2 tickets

Got to love that work ethic.
xjohnx said:
@vcujrod12: got up 1,200 shots today.. gettin better? i think so.. waiting for my tutor still then going to buy my halloween 2 tickets

Got to love that work ethic.
That is a ton of shots. I believe I saw another time that he took 2,000 shots. Although that might have been on the social networking site. I wonder how long it takes to put up that many shots? Looks like they had a good first day of conditioning today as well. With that kind of work ethic and a full 14 man roster "Wreak Havoc" might not even be the way to describe what they are doing to do to the rest of the league this year.