Tyler Lewis 2012 PG highlights


Let's get this kid in the Black & Gold.

I'll call him Pistol from the look of these passes!
According to the espn insider reports the kid is special...except for his D. The theme to every report was that his defense needed A LOT of work. Good thing he has a couple of years to work on it.
Man, this kid is a passing machine. However, I like the kid who actually dunked the ball after one of his passes as well. They say his D needs work. However, that is not uncommon for a kid at his stage. We can teach him. Also, he seems to have high interest in Charlotte. Hopefully the firing of the entire staff will swing things in our favor.

I would love to have a guy like this at point. However, watch out next year I am certain Mr. Rodriguez will have something special for us to enjoy. Joey was a passing machine in high school as well.
Obviously great vision coupled with passing skills...it also looks like he has a decent jumpshot. From video clip most all highlighs were with his right hand, both passing and shooting; however, he did use left, so I suspect it is a matter of continued development. He certanly has the eye/hand coordination, so effort and time is all he'd need to enable equal left/right handed passing weapons.

These rah-rah video clips are always heavy on O and almost never emphasize show stopping D. From what I read on this young man, that would be a short clip anyway. Without seeing live, I suspect his poor D is the result of 1) average talent he faces day-in-day at school, 2) lack of school/coach emphasis due to his ability to dominate with passing, 3) his very slight build, 5' 11" and 160 lbs. With that build,to play in usually guard strong CAA, he will need very quick hands/feet to stand a prayer defensively. But he does look athletic, so another year of HS coupled with a VCU freshmen year of development might get him at a 5' 11" 185 lbs comfortably without much strain [even more if he grows] and that would probably also improve quickness. At 185 and improved D skills he could at least hold his own on D against 6' 3"+ guards that will post him up, or shoot the J over him.

Great looking prospect. By his sophmore year at VCU his passing skills with our wings and mobile forwards would be unreal offensive attack. One thing he would know for sure, if he comes to VCU he'll have the weapon's on his team that can run, catch and finish whatever he throws at them. We'd be Ramin-n-Jammin at the Stu!
I don't think we land him....should atleast try...he'll blow up(in good sense) and be put on the map after his JR year and some ACC school will woo him :?
wow this guy looks really good on his own highlight real :roll: ...but he will obviously never score like maynor so why would we want him? :lol: :lol:
In all seriousness dude CAN pass the ball and looks quick (against high schoolers) but is a little short. I'm afraid some of those lay ups would be real similar to some of joey's against northeastern when he plays in college.
Well, I don't think it will be VA Tech after today's announcement:


Marquis Rankin, a 5-11, 170-pound junior at Vance High in Charlotte, N.C., committed to the Hokies, choosing them over scholarship offers from Clemson, Mississippi, South Carolina, Wake Forest and Louisiana Tech, according to recruiting Web site Rivals.com. His other finalists were Clemson and Wake, said the player's father, Lamar.

Rankin is rated the 26th-best player in the Class of 2011 and the ninth-best point guard, according to Rivals, making him the highest-rated recruit that coach Seth Greenberg has landed in his seven seasons at Tech.

Rankin is the third member of Tech's Class of 2011, joining Robert Brown, a 6-4, 175-pound shooting guard from Clermont, Fla., and C.J. Barksdale, a 6-7, 190-pound power forward from Danville.

Brown is rated the 104th-best player in his class and the 13th-best shooting guard. Barksdale is rated No. 78 overall and No. 13 among power forwards. Both players were recruited by assistant James Johnson, a Powhatan High graduate
Lewis added offers from Big12 member Baylor (Elite 8 this year), and hometown ACC school Wake Forest. It was nice while it lasted.
We're still on his list which is nice, but basically at the bottom of it, which is not so nice. :lol:

This is his updated offer list now:

NC State, Miami, Wake Forest, Baylor, Charlotte, Auburn, Virginia Tech, VCU, and Richmond
VCU frequently lands at the bottom of these lists...I think its an alphabetical thing. Anything could happen in the next couple of years. Glad we are still on the radar. Playing with Rob, Reco, Juvonte, and DJ can't be bad for a PG assist tally.
I have to think we are ahead of Auburn and NC State. Their brand of ball doesn't seem to mesh with this kid's inner Magic Johnson. Shaka needs to send him some game tapes of us running and gunning (which shouldn't be too hard to find).