UConn with 8 NCAA violations

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Apr 19, 2009
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... 01873.html

Improper phone calls and texts

improper benefits and more

from another source (message board on ESPN..take it with a grain of salt until a source turns up)

The notice contains eight allegations of violation of NCAA Bylaws including:
-Impermissible phone calls and text messages to prospective student-athletes;
-Impermissible benefits provided to a prospective student-athlete by a representative of the institution's athletic interests; -Impermissible benefit to a prospective student-athlete by a member of the basketball staff;
-Allegations against two (2) members of the basketball staff for providing false and misleading information to the NCAA Enforcement staff and to the institution;
-Providing impermissible complimentary admissions or discretionary tickets;
-A failure by the head men's basketball coach to promote an atmosphere of compliance in the men's basketball program and a failure to adequately monitor the program to ensure compliance with NCAA legislation regarding telephone calls, text messages and benefits provided by a representative of the institution's athlet ic interests;
-A failure by the institution to adequately monitor the conduct and administration of the men's basketball staff in the areas of: telephone records, representatives of the institution's athletics interests; and, complimentary admissions or discretionary tickets

Let's see if the NCAA has any teeth on this one. It's also worth mentioning that 2 assistants are resigning...rats and a sinking ship?? One can hope.
All the Priv-6 cheats on some levels. Reporting is probably done by whistleblowers.