Update on David Hinton and Bradford Burgess

Apr 21, 2009
As I was waiting in line at Quiznos today I witnessed not only Bradford but Hinton ordering submarines sandwiches. I had trouble determining whether they ordered the chicken carbornara or the turkey bacon guacamole, mainly because I did not conduct personal interviews. These submarine sandwiches were part of their calorie intake for today. From what I have heard almost every member on the basketball team had eaten at that same Quiznos. Also, I ordered the honey mustard chicken on wheat.

On a side note I played basketball against Jay Gavin at Cary St. Gym. It was a hard fought battle but his team won by one point in a game to 11. Jay had trouble contianing my prowess inside but was lighting it up from outside.
benchwarmer said:
Rowdy Dan is being extra rowdy tonight!
everyone was saying they were tired of db talking about the new recruits. They wanting some good inside info on our existing players... :D
I didn't know Quiznos served liquor. :lol:

Hopefully they made the smart choice and went with the chicken carbornara.
***** Update on Brandon Rozzell ****

I witnessed "B-roz" as some would call him, driving in his car (make and model to remain anonymous). As he passed by I heard a "RAP" song dispensing from his car. For some reason he did not "holler" at me, he must not have seen me.

FYI I do love his license plate, if you see it you'll know its him.
Is David Hinton on scholarship this year or is he still a walk-on?
i love that you dug this thread up from the grave. i hope RDRP (Rowdy Dan's Rowdy Report) starts back up soon. We gotta know what the team is ordering!!!