VCU-DE in-game


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May 1, 2009
WTF is everyone, including all of the out of towners from across the country at the game? Not even an in-game thread? Has everyone jumped off the bandwagon?
And where are the live stats. All I see are games from december!
lol, I just commented about there being no in-game thread in the TJ-not-starting thread... had a dead battery in the Target parking lot, made me late

score looks promising, any drama or story line I should know?
They finally have Kelly Lemon up and running after about 10 games on not hearing her.
just sat down. Christmas with my parents. THe last holdiday event, I can finally take down thetree!!!
Looks like Rozzull is doing well today :D
Heard announcers talking up KP as well
Like what I'm seeing from the Rams today. Much more disciplined!!! LET'S-GO-VCU!!!
this game certainly seems to be going according to 4RunningRam's script with BRoz going off... plus, was he the KP guy, or was that someone else?
Thats the way to close out a game. Great job fellas. I like the minute distribution better.
good win, great to see the team rally w/o sanders

hopefully he can get his head out of the clouds and continue to contribute to a championship team