VCU Fantasy Final

Who wins this fantasy matchup?

  • Emit Remmus

    Votes: 15 48.4%
  • ViCtorioUs

    Votes: 16 51.6%

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Feb 12, 2009
Who would win between these two All-Time VCU Fantasy teams?

1. Emit Remmus - Eric Maynor, Rolando Lamb, George Byrd, Bo Jones, Martin Henlan, Antoine Ford, Elander Lewis, Brandon Rozzell


5. ViCtorioUs - Gerald Henderson, Bernard Harris, Sherron Mills, Nicky Jones, Marc Jackson, Vince Wilson, Antoine Willie, George Price
Analysis later. Gotta get the boys to the pool.
For those of you who have not voted yet, here is my scouting report once again.

Quick/scoring guards, huge frontcourt, and a solid bench:

Eric Maynor: ...nuff said

Bo Jones: 7th all-time in scoring average (15.2ppg), 2nd in 3pt made, 2nd in FT%...and

Rolando Lamb: Led VCU to three NCAA tournament berths, All-Sun Belt first team selection twice, All-America Honorable Mention in 84 and 85, 47% from 3 in his career (1st in VCU history), 3rd all-time in career assists, #1 all-time in career steals with 257, 3rd round NBA draft pick...the original dagger ->

Martin Henlan: 10th in career rebounds, 9th in rebounds/game, 9th in career blocks, 1991 Player of the Year in the BBL

George Byrd: My favorite VCU player of all-time, 3rd in FG% (57%), 6th in career blocks, THE STOPPER... ... re=related

Coming off the bench:

Elander Lewis: McDonald's All-American, transfer from St Johns, led rams in 89-90 with 14ppg

Antoine Ford: 7-0 243, played with Henlan, transfer from GT (11th in career block), 54 blocks in 87-88.

Brandon Rozzell: I really like the way this kid plays...and I wanted some local talent. We're going to see some great things from him over the next couple of seasons.
Once again the victorious team is the stronger of the two down low. Another advantage is Super 'Nard stepping out to hit the trey and to draw his defender away. Tic Price driving the baseline and Marc Jackson having more flushes than a restroom attendant. And did I mention Sherron Mills coming in to wreak havoc under the basket?

Now I know that a lot of you younger fans cannot find it within you to vote against Eric, but you have to remember that Henderson is in that same class. I believe they could trade basket for basket and negate each other's advantage for their respective teams. If Gerald is somehow not up to the task even Eric could not withstand the withering onslaught of Antoine Willie's defense. This would leave Nicky to rain threes and slash to the basket.

I know I have the better TEAM, but vote your conscience. I will abide by your decision.

Thank you Natty, this has been a ton of work for you, but an absolute joy for the rest of us. The older players rightfully deserve to have us talk about them, their game and the contributions they made to this wonderful program.

Thanks also to all those who saw my team for what it is and voted for me. It has been an honor to make the finals. A special thanks to Ramathon, who gave some valuable guidance. This will be my last post before the voting ends as I am going to Maryland tomorrow for my grandson's 4th birthday
Just back from wedding anniversery (5 years.....recognize!!!!)

anyway, looks like I missed some real excitement. I LOVE how the tiebreaker was decided and was torn between both teams in this final. I couldn't decide, so I flipped a coin....ViCtoriUs.

Great work by all involved....Much love for the Nation

Loved those last two games... I think after Mike and Mike's breakdown of ViCtorioUs' team I feel pretty good about this squad winning it all.

The name says it all...

Wooo woo! While there are no monetary rewards attached to this, I will be accepting donations to pay for Sometimes' bar bill the next time he is in town.
This was great to follow and to learn about some of the players I wasnt familiar with from back in the day. I bet some of the guys on the teams would get a kick out of knowing they made the cut. I passed on some of the posts to one of the players on the fantasy team wife (grew up togther and long time friends) and she said he loved it and blew up his head even bigger than it already was. Haha. Good work putting the teams together.
greg3434 said:
I passed on some of the posts to one of the players on the fantasy team wife (grew up togther and long time friends) and she said he loved it and blew up his head even bigger than it already was. Haha. Good work putting the teams together.

that is awesome. wish i knew who it was.

BTW, We here at Ram Nation are all about doing features (videos, podcast interviews, etc) on past Ram players (and coaches). I'd love to get them on more often...unfortunately I find them a lot harder to get in touch with... So if ANY of you have any contacts with past players, send me a private message...because we'd love to hear from them and see them again on the Nation.