VCU Hey song/Rock and Roll PT2

Sep 10, 2009
I had some free time over the summer and managed to use a video of our version of the hey song to make a MP3 of it. I have WMA version of it also. A friend of mine heard it on my MP3 player and asked for it which made me think some other Ram fans might like to have that for road trips or relaxing.

So if you want just PM me with a email and I'll send the WMA from my verizon email since vcu email takes awhile with that stuff. If you want to convert from WMA to MP3 there's lots of converters online

Hope those have gotten it already are enjoying the song. There's plenty of people still waiting for it to be sent to them.(as well as the people sending messages to me as I speak)I guarantee you will have it ASAP. They are going by email so it takes a few mins for each one.
If you want to send it to me i can host it on a web site so you can just link to it. let me know.
Hey guys so John has the WMA and will be setting up a link to download it from. The play was during a inbound pass by the other team. The other teams coaches and players couldnt hear so they called a time out. (Thats the reason you hear cheering at the end of the song around the chant of "U" and "Lets Go VCU")