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We have a new and really long Rams Rewind for you! In this one, George sat down with the RTD's Zach Joachim to review the 2023-24 season. It's our longest episode ever! Note that it was recorded BEFORE today's announcements by Rose Wheeler and Max Shulga.

A social media mention/discussion about a VCU monument to the 2011 VCU team?
Yeah, I was lucky enough to be a student during the final four run. It’s one of my fondest memories as a student and changed the trajectory of the basketball program and school. But there was always that fear that it was the best that we can do, and tbh we rode that final four wave longer than most schools can. We still do in some ways. But it has been 13 years, and to me a statue of that moment kind of says that we’re stuck on it and don’t expect to see it again. And we very well may never see it again. But resigning ourselves to that idea doesn’t sit quite right.

But also maybe it ain’t that deep.
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This particular idea would be a poke in the eye of that school out in Henrico that calls itself Richmond. So, that alone makes it a good idea.
I say do it on VCU's campus. We will get to the Final 4 again. But I am not so sure a First 4 to Final 4 run (with a team most of the self proclaimed experts said shouldn't have been in the tournament) will ever happen again. It sort of epitomizes everything that VCU represents imo. A place where people (many whom are overlooked & underestimated) go and make an impact. I read somewhere that asked "How do you know you made it in life?" The answer is when little/ younger you would meet present day you and their jaw would drop to to the floor in astonishment. I think that sums up what many of us felt during that era.
There is only one thing I am less passionate about than NIL. And that is monuments in Richmond.
That makes the timing a little awkward here but I was just getting ready to DM you to see if you wanted to donate to the Michael Rhoades monument fund. The sculptor is working around the clock trying to capture the dumb look on his face. Additional material needed for his extra wide feet from playing basketball on the blacktop in PA has put a strain on the budget.
There is only one thing I am less passionate about than NIL. And that is monuments in Richmond.
I know one thing? Having grown up one block from stonewall one, having passed by it at least 2 times per day most days more, especially in that intersection and the hill one... when passing by now, I'm still needlessly veering right then left where they once stood.