Video: VCU Gold Rush Dancers

Apr 23, 2009
One of the advantages of attending away games is that you get to see dancers from other universities. By comparison, VCU dancers are at the top of the CAA universities as well as non-CAA universities. Thanks so much for the excellent entertainment. I wish you could go on the road with us.
This thread is totally fine right where it is.

as always, great job by the RamNation guys and thanks to all the dance girls for their commitment and passion.
Great video! Great story! Long over due IMO. They work really hard and deserve the accolades. I hope this snowballs into much more love and support for them.
Really great video. Nice to see that they are fans as well. I will say however that I have never seen a dance team with so few blondes. I guess I was spoiled by UCLA dancers in Philly last year.
Me too:
can we get a day in the life of pav????? whatever happened to the history of the mbb tattoos????

i love me some dance team
meh... I'd take our dance team over all of the fake UCLA girls every day of the week. Go Gold Rush!!!