Vince Williams - NBA Thread

Several listing him as OUT tonight vs theCavs.
I am wondering now with so little games left if that's it for him for the season.
But found this rather appealing:

With the Grizzlies out of playoff contention I would imagine the best decision would be to shut Vince down for the season. It looks like he may play a more significant role next season and it'd be best to get him healthy.
He probably won't start if Smart is healthy but he is certainly a big part of their rotation going forward. If he keeps up this level of play next season, he'll have one of the most valuable contracts in the league. If he keeps it up for the duration of the contract, he'll get an enormous raise.
Vince most likely is 7th man. No lower than 8 but in the rotation. If he plays well maybe the trade smart.
Basically averaging 2 "stocks" (steals + blocks) per 100. Not quite a 1:1 ratio, but that's reasonably close to 2 per game. If we consider that per game, it puts Vince at 17th in the league.
And he's been running the point playing what I guess would be considered out of position. His old HS coach said in an interview he'd had in his 50 years of coaching SJJ (!) several players he'd trust with playing any position, but VWJr best handled being put in different positions than others he'd coached.