Virginia Commonwealth v. Nevada - Last 6 Minute

whats with Nevada's fans crappy disposition

the language those folks use is appalling
Not a fun game to re-watch...Gotta hand it to Nevada for their tenacity. Couple Maynor floaters and/or better rebounding at the game is ours.

oh well...we'll get them at the Stu this year.
Looking back, this loss turned out to be a very important part of our season. I actually think we should make it an annual pre CAA tourney trip. With that said other than Joey's 3/4 court shot around the 8 min mark this is not a great game to watch. That was a heck of a shot though, it is a shame that it didn't happen with enough time left to make a difference.
why in the world would anyone want to actually view this again?
watching tough losses completely sucks. re-watching tough losses is even worse.