W-L Predictions?


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Feb 12, 2009
I know we all think we're gonna go undefeated... but just wondered if you all had any predictions on what our final record might be this early on. Who we should be, some games you could predict a loss..etc etc.
If we struggle to find a consistent PG throughout the season - 16-18 wins(no post season...CIT doesn't count)
If a consistent PG steps up(be it Joey, Grayson, Theus...whoever)- 20+ wins and significant post season tourney(NCAA or NIT Tournaments)
I dont think it is to far fetched to say we go 21-7 regular season... :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
22-6 (CAA 15-3) assuming we get decent PG play - If we had Skeen the whole year I would add a victory or two.
20-8 2nd or 3rd CAA Reg Season

Yet we beat Mason again for the CAA Championship...

12 seed NCAA
win one game, then bow out in round of 32...


I jump off the Lee Bridge after the NIT selection show...

kidding, but you never know...VCU B Ball is my religion...

(if CBI or CNI or CSI or CAT or whatever come a calling, F''em! Be like VMI or Vandy last year, don't lower your standards like that. It would be like going home at 2am with a real heffer...(i might have done that before, but anyway)

Beating every team by an average of 80 points.

Scoring an average of 80 points.

You do the math.
It all depends on how this team gels. If the PG spot is shored up as we think it is and if the inside game is as strong as we think it is, and if the press is humming - - we could be absolutely deadly. We could also end up 17-12 and out of contention. Who really knows?
Remember people that we only lost one guy on the team. Yes, its Maynor but do not forget what happen when we lost Nick George in 2007. Give credit to the juniors, all they have done since coming to VCU is win a lot of basketball games, 24 per season. Everyone seems to forget that.

You also have to realize that we still have the most talent player in the CAA (Larry Sandars). The guys that we added are high level players. As compare to the start of the 2007 season we are clearly in better shape going into the 2009 season.

Besides, I have no doubt ODU and GMU will be good but I feel NE is over hype. We will go to the final game of the CAA, I like our chances going back to the NCAA's.

23-24 wins this season!!!!! This year's theme to winning games will be our D!!!!
ramathon74 said:
22-6 (CAA 15-3) assuming we get decent PG play - If we had Skeen the whole year I would add a victory or two.

This sounds about right. And we sail through the CAA Tournament. I'm really not impressed with the rest of the league.