We have 2 scholarships left according to Allen Payne

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ramramthankyoumaam said:
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I really can't say any more than I already have.

On another note, just show Michael the following video, he won't even need to visit! :)


Sweeet Vid!!!

Hey Michael Bradley this raps for you
We really want you here at VCU
VA COMM's a place that you can grow
Become a pharmacist, or maybe turn pro
Just cancel your trip up north to BC
Aint no place up there to get a pharm degree
UCONN isn't a place to start
Get on board with Shaka Smart
Stay in the south with Ed, Roz, and Joey
Or freeze your a$$ up north where its snowy
What's out there in Iowa? Gimme a break.
Goin to Drake would just be a mistake.
A bunch of corn farmers and a dog named Spike.
Just tell them and their offer to take a hike.
Would you rather raise cattle and be growin soybeans
Or playin VCU ball in the dowtown scene
with Grayson, Daniels, Reco, and Theus
VCU is the place to be so come and see us
Saintil, Gavin, Brad, and Skeen
You can set your sights on the sweet sixteen
When you get here you'll know you have arrived
when you're gracin a billboard on rte 95
Come play with the best in the CAA
Get to the post season and NBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Break it down for me fellas....... :roll:
Not bad, I am feeling this a little bit. Get it up on youtube. That other one has 20,000 views already.