Web 2.0 apps


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May 1, 2009
I posted this on another sports site (guess which one...lol). Anyway, I thought I would post here also as I am interest in everyones opinion.

Was wondering what online computer apps you tend to use? I'm mostly interested in computer apps rather than iphone/android apps unless there is an online computer equivalent.

I use several for various purposes. But as yet I haven't really committed to any totally for things like work related apps.

1. Google apps - mostly word processing for short documents and lists I want online. Some spreadsheet for scheduling/classes. But I really like the live realtime collaborative feature. Great for meetings/brainstorming/or working with others who are not at your office.

2. Zoho Apps - a much more robust application package as compared to google docs/apps. I really wish google would take a hint from Zoho. Few are going to give up their desktop applications for the level of sophistication seen for google.....but they just might for Zoho. Plus Zoho has several apps (wiki/planner/database) that google doc and apps don't have

3. Diigo - vary nice online bookmarking/research app (has google chrome gadget)

4. Evernote - terrific online note/website/picture clipbook and/or notebook. (has a google chrome gadget)

5. Zumodrive/Dropbox/Skydrive - online storage (in addition to google doc storage). Zumodrive and Dropbox offer a max (free) of 2 gigs - a bit small but actually plenty of storage if you only store doc/speadsheet/small pics/powerpoint. MS Skydrive gives you 25 gigs. But what I like about Zumodrive and Dropbox is that they actually put virtual folders on your computer so you can just drop documents into the folder/subfolders just like on your computer.

6. Remember the Milk - online task manager/todo list that will interact with Gmail and GCalendar.

7. bubbl.us - online mindmapping. Pretty good if you into that sort of thing.