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Feb 10, 2009
Don't really care for either team, but that was a darn entertaining match. Watched it at a local bar up here known for showing football matches, and the place was absolutely packed. I'm talking about 150-200 people in a bar that probably has an official fire-code capacity of like 40. It was loud and a lot of fun. Seemed like I was one of the handful of people there just to watch -- almost everyone else was either Spanish or English. Made for a great atmosphere.
sounds fun. I watched it at hometeam grill with about 50 disappointed Man United fans. I heard Penny Lane was packed though and I can only imagine how the atmosphere there was.
I thought it was a pretty entertaining game. Man U should absolutely be savaged by their fans for the many lapses in intensity and shoddy defense. Vidic especially should be singled out. In the second half during the free kick that hit off the post.....he actually shyed AWAY from the ball!!!! That's inexcusable for a giant fullback like him!!! A few minutes later on a breakaway by Puyot, Vidic was defending near his own goal and actually was using his left hand to cover his crotch as Puyot was dribbling. Again....inexcuasble....I wonder what he was protecting since he wasn't playing with any balls.

I'm glad Barca a Pompey fan, I've more then had my fill of ManU.
I normally cheer for Liverpool and Madrid in their respective leagues, so I really don't care for either team. I was KINDA cheering for Man U, just because they still have a Dutch player on their team; Barcelona has none. :lol: