Recruiting Welcome to VCU Brandon Jennings!

FWIW there's no shot clock for NFHS as a whole. It's a state to state adoption of the rule, and VA isn't one that's implemented it yet. The only schools that use it in the state are private schools, but even the majority of those don't. It's only VISAA D-1, so the largest schools like STC, Benedictine, Trinity, FUMA, etc.

Well I went to Benedictine and my
kids went to St Chris. All I know is shot clocks ;)

Happy that Brandon is in the minority and has 4 years under his belt playing with a shot clock. Big deal if you ask me.
Well I went to Benedictine
BRACE, maggot sperm!
Cannot mention the BHS thing, without that being said.
While at the Trinity game, I ran into a former classmate (*hint: hooper), and he looks amazing. I saw a few Cadets in their jackets which still look a lot like ours did, mentioned having been hazed heavily, and they looked clueless about hazing.
That St Chris/FUMA game last night must’ve been quick. I’m almost certain they showed Brandon Jennings on the big screen in the first half and I definitely walked past a dude in a full FUMA jumpsuit early in the game (I think he was a LoyChi target).
Thank you for posting that. I knew his line but thought I was going crazy since I didn't see it posted here. Then I realized I'd read it on RGL's Twitter at like 1 in the morning, haha
Yeah, I think we were all busy when they tweeted it out. :lol: