Recruiting Welcome to VCU Brandon Jennings!

Well things haven’t changed much from back in our day. Statistics and Math were never the strongest at old BC. I mean come on, I had a freshman teaching my math class for Rut while he smoked cigars in the coaches office.
I tell people bc they just do NOT know and are incapable of understanding hazing, if 2 or more freshmen missed a weekend game of hoops or football, come Monday morning, the seniors had our arsses for breakfast.
@92VCUpikapp I remember the principal McGuinness cracking down bit by bit on what we were allowed to wear at games, until we finally had enough and decided to fight back with the preplanned toga wearing louie louie playing on the boombox entrance + "GATOR!!!!" we did on the gym.
Waiting to go live I guess.. after JV game, it looks like the video is buffering (is all I can get) at 725pm.
Waiting on Varsity game stream, should pop up ay time now.
I think they play Trinity tomorrow night at 7 pm.
I had thought so, too, but then saw BJ posted this 55 mins ago, and JV just finished playing (link is still live but loading)?
But yes, I see on their youtube page they plan to go live tomorrow at 7pm.

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