What TV shows do you DVR (or record for you old timers)?


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Feb 12, 2009
I have a few series that I DVR...and yes, many if not all of them are quite dorky, but I can't miss em

1. Survivor (my ultimate TV obsession ...still)
2. Top Chef Masters
3. Next Food Network Star (most awkward show EVER)
4. Project Runway (...not ashamed to admit that)

I gotta be able to watch these shows as soon as they come on if I'm not available to see them...but I'm also addicted to several Food Network shows that repeat constantly
neither vcr nor dvr really, but with on-demand, it's like they're recording 'em for me

up until they finished, BSG
True Blood
Arrested Development
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
I don't own a TV anymore.* I watch everything on Hulu or NetFlix.

That being said, the shows that I do watch there:

30 Rock
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Daily Show

That's about it.

*I do have a TV tuner card for my iMac, which lets me pick up digital over-the-air signals. I do watch LOST this way, but I don't pay enough attention to broadcast television to watch anything else this way.
During the season:

The Office
How I Met Your Mother
30 Rock
Big Bang Theory
The Amazing Race
Big Brother
It's Always Sunny...
Mad Men

I watch a lot of TV.
Check 'em out on Hulu/Netflix if available. I have pretty good taste if I do say so myself.
Shows I try never to miss whether I'm in or out,
1.Burn Notice, I have a love affair with south Florida. The characters and plot are intriguing as well.
2.The First 48, The ultimate in gritty realism.
3.Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern, Everyday guy trained as a chef through whom I live vicariously. Don't tell me this guy hasn't spent numerous hours driving the porcelain bus.
4.Iron Chef,Possibly the most original show on TV, when it started.
Ours: Jeopardy, House, In Plain Sight, American Idol, America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars (yes, take more man cards, I enjoy those shows, if only to yell at people), Legend of the Seeker, Bones

Mine: SVU, Dollhouse, Heroes

Hers: Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy

We watch too much TV :oops:

Just removed Pushing Daisies from her list, and Terminator and American Gladiators from mine.
VCU games.

No really, that is it.

I'd rather waste my life on the internet than on TV... :lol: