What was the best news of the night?

Space Ghost

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Feb 21, 2010
VCU wins?
20 win season?
TJ and KP go out winners?
W&M goes down?
Drexel goes down?

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope… gotta be this: Joey’s shoulder is looking pretty good!
anyone know what the tiebreaker situation is with W&M for the 4 seed if we both win on saturday since we split the season? thanks.
It's Complicated! :P

First, it would depend on if NU wins at Mason or not, I think that if VCU, W&M and GMU all win, we get 4th and the Tribe gets 5th. If VCU, W&M and NU win, VCU is 5th and the Tribe takes the 4 seed.
Of course, it all gets even more complicated than that if Kent Bazemore slaps the backboard with both of his hands, punches a baby, and teabags XJohnX! :shock:
I'll take a stab at it. If we tie WM it depends on who gets the top seed. If its ODU we get the tiebreaker bc we would have beat them twice to WM zero. If its NE its WM bc they beat them once. And NE beats ODU in their tiebreaker if they both end ar 14-4. So we need Mason to take care of NE while we take care of ODU.

Oops got beat to it.
We're all right. If VCU doesn't win, then there is no best news.

Beat Monarchs!!
VCU4LIFE said:
We can win and get the 5 seed sirs.

and supposedly we can also lose and still get the 4th seed... at least that's what they said on Rams Radio
vcubanana said:
VCU4LIFE said:
We can win and get the 5 seed sirs.
its true though...a lot of variables...but beatind Odu would be nice...everyone else is falling but hofstra and towson...they will win few games and take down the top four in the tourney