What we are really going to miss...

Apr 21, 2009
So the thing we are really going to miss this year is the "uh-oh" and the "oh yeah" factor. Anyone that has been to a vcu game in the past 2 years knows exactly what I'm talking about. Especially last year, vcu kind of under preforms in the first half, Eric trys to move the ball around but no one is shooting that great. 1st half ends maynor has 5 or 6 points and we are up by say 3 points. The opposing fans look at the score, then they look at maynor's 5 points and say "uh-oh." And then the vcu fans look at the score, look at eric's points, and then look at there friends beside them and say "oh yeah, we got this." "Just wait til Eric goes sick nasty in the 2nd half." Its that fear that the opposing team and their fans have and the confidence that vcu exhibits. By the end of the game Eric will have taken over and if vcu doesn't win it is going to be a dog fight to take the game from us. That is what we are really going to miss from Eric. We can replace the points, maybe even the leadership, but that X factor of "we can win any game" will be tough to take over.
Watch for Burgess to come out and perform. We won't need an "uh-oh." I am most excited about watching Bradford this season. He is only gonna be a sophomore, but if he is developing like our other guys have he is gonna nasty!
Chemistry is going to be the key this year. There is actually more talent on this squad IMO than last year's squad...even though our best player left. Chemistry will be what decides how we perform. We have Gavin, Skeen, Sanders, Burgess, who can all score (and want to). Throw in Rozzell and Rodriguez (10 ppg last year) and we could either have a bad situation with players battling to be "THE MAN" or if the 'tudes are right we could have a great situation with extremely balanced scoring. Would like to see us get back to the 2006-07 scoring balance with 4-5 guys in the 9-16 ppr range.
just about every game last year was very unsettling in the first half. Hopefully this year Coach has a method of combatting that problem.