What We Know Thus Far...


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Apr 21, 2009
1- This RAMS team can be really, really good
2- This version of the RAMS can also be not-so-good.
3- Inconsistency is a big issue- both shooting, and the over-all look
4- Jay Gavin can really light it up, and looks like a stud
5- Jay Gavin also didn't play for 18 months, and is still knocking the rust off
6- Brad Burgess is a Beast now. A confident, big-body rebounding machine with skills
7- Looks like Darius Theus can play. Looks like a really young Dom Jones to me
8- The staff definitely wants to get out on the run. Looks like they are still figuring out how
9- The defense can be excellent. Then again..... just like above with the inconsistency
0- Larry is shooting a lot of 3s, which is crazy. But he looked like a stud against OU (other than 3's)
1- TJ Gwynn is all heart- and a BEast himself- but then.... we already knew that
2- We still need real help down low, with scoring, rebounding, and defense
3- We are deep at the 1, 2, and 3 spots. Could be deep 1-5 with Skeen and Saintil (?)
4- Ed Nixon has really improved his game a TON. Good for Ed. He's gonna help a lot
5- If Skeen is as good as billed, and if he can manage to knock the rust off quickly, look out
6- Skeen could be the last piece we need to really be dangerous
7- Any way you slice it, still need to find the chemistry & consistency. Then we're on to something!

What else am I missing? There is a lot going on, and it's going to be a lot of fun, I think!!
We know that Larry needs to get his butt back in the paint where he belongs instead of out on the perimeter doing his best Kevin Durant impersonation.
Yeah- I agree 100%. I am a HUGE Larry Sanders fan (who isn't.... except for Gerald Lee)... But this 3-point thing has absolutely GOT to stop. It makes no sense, and opposing teams must be loving it. Larry can't do the real damage he is capable of, if he is playing out on the perimeter. I just don't get that at all.

Larry is a total Beast. Let's use him that way. The guards need to be draining the 3's. And Burgess from the 3-spot. And possibly we'll see about Skeen. But no way does Larry need to be shooting 3's. He's too good down low now. I'd like to see more of the baby-hooker he's broken out with now!
I didnt get to make it to Hampton tonight...how many 3s did he put up and did he make any??
This team has the potential to be the best defensive team since the JD years. We're taking pretty good care of the ball, especially for this early in the year. We have plenty of guys who can knock down shots. Except for WMU, we've rebounded the ball pretty well, and we know we can get a lot more out of Larry in that area. We have plenty of guys who can get out and push the ball. I think we're gonna be good and, if Skeen is what I think he is, we can be very, very good. I guess the big question mark is the half court offense and whether we can pass the ball well enough and find a couple of guys who can penetrate.
r4m said:
I didnt get to make it to Hampton tonight...how many 3s did he put up and did he make any??

He made a very ill-advised 3 at a bad time in the game. When you are 6'11 and surrounded by guys who specialize in the 3 ball, there is no reason for you to shoot the rock. Stick to the bread and butter inside game. Larry has developed some pretty decent footwork and post moves this offseason and should showcase them. I highly doubt you'll see NBA teams picking him up based on his ability to shoot 20 foot jumpers. He's getting looks because of his defensive abilities, his wingspan and his athleticism. We need him in the low post if we want to be successful. He did a good job in the second half of staying out of foul trouble, but we also need him to be the man in the paint. We are so thin right now in the frontcourt without Skeen and Saintil and it doesn't get any better when Larry is around the 3 point line every offensive possession and we're playing with 4 other guards. Leave the 3's for the LeBron and Amare skill camps and play smart, fundamental basketball.
A win is a win. VCU has historically always played down to competition (especially on the road). Let's not complain too much. It's hard for a team to get into a rhythm when Manny Upton is trying to get out of his sons shadows. I'll take this win, and I'm sure the team will take the win ALL DAY! JUST WIN!
BaNgMyPrOgRaM said:
He attempted one tonight. I wouldnt worry about it.

One is too many..Larry Can barely operate within 5 feet of the basket but he has time to work on his three point shot? Seems like he is trying to impress NBA scouts. Worry about your inside game dont worry about becoming the next Kevin Durrant
There are no bad road wins. None. Ever. And certainly not one where you win by double digits and two years prior you suffered a nightmare loss at the same place.
VRam said:
There are no bad road wins. None. Ever. And certainly not one where you win by double digits and two years prior you suffered a nightmare loss at the same place.
That place was miserable tonight. The team was lackadaisical the whole time, esp. coming out of half.
Vram you couldn't be more right.
I bet Capel and the Sooners wish they had won ugly on Saturday night instead of getting blown out. And yes, they will be a Top 20 team when the dust settles in March. All teams struggle on the road. How many times have we won CAA games by 20 or 30 points and then struggle when we play the same team on the road? Many, many times.
Larry shot one 3 pointer, but on at least two other occasions he tried to drive to the basket from the top of the three point line, which (to me) is essentially the same thing with the additional threat of getting an offensive foul.

Maybe Larry is trying to develop a perimeter/face the basket game because Skeen will be operating in the post on offense? Who knows. Just like the rest of you guys I wish he would keep his butt in the paint too.