What's off-topic for?

Sep 6, 2009
So, I thought off-topic was for anything. According to the disclaimer:
"This is an off-topic forum. Please post all things not related to VCU Sports in this space. Things like politics, Richmond happenings, favorite place to eat, who else is bored, those can all be placed here comfortably. Let's reserve the original VCU Basketball forum for just that, VCU Basketball."
But clearly, an administrator has taken it upon himself to lock a thread that had nothing to do with VCU sports. I thought this place was okay for things that could even be considered controversial (POLITICS).
And Merc, seriously, ban? I provide thoughtful comments and questions in the basketball section. That's where I do the majority of my posting. You want to ban me for making a comment in the off topic board?
not to speak for him, but i think he was only kidding with the whole "ban" comment.

as for your thread, i'm with ya. there was really no reason to lock it....
unless of course.....nah.
I think it's a fair topic, but too personal. Expect to get a few kneejerks reactions.
it's a gray area to be sure, and there's a certain know-it-when-you-see-it thing going on by consensus ...but probably there was a bit too much calling-out toward some specific other person (who may or may not be a forum reader/user)

stuff being off-topic can be ok (in its proper place)

and call-outs can have their place (although only within limits of civility) if it is central to the purpose of the forum (being a vcu fan)

but when it's both off-topic AND a personal call-out, it might be better left to more random forums like craigslist