William and Mary Knocks Off Maryland at Comcast!!!!

lmfao... why do we even have a CAA board when we know everything is going to end up here?
duncanlamb said:
I just saw on the news up here that THE TRIBE KNOCKED OFF THE TERPS!!!!!

THIS IS GREAT FOR OUR OOC ,SOS. RPI or however the H%$^& ll they measure our opponents...here's the link!!!

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/co ... 03388.html

Me thinks the tribe are for real!!!! I can't wait til we take them out at the STU!!! :twisted:


Wow, someone is either drunk or very excitable. And the game ended about 4 hours ago - when the rest of us knew about it.

It was a great win no doubt, but I think half of their other wins were just as impressive or more.
The Tribe has something really good right now. I hope it keeps up until we play them at the Stu ;)