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Thanks Bronco5!

Feel free to tell your buddies we are here too. Any insight as to what you are expecting from this game or your team?
Thanks Bronco5...I didn't mean to bash MLive toooo much....but it was a rough read.

I'll be sure to go to the link provided for all my Western Michigan needs :D
bronco5 said:
Hey guys - Western Michigan University Broncos fan here.

I saw in another thread someone was kinda bashing mlive - thinking it was our forum website, I would just like to inform you that it is not THE WMU forum.

You can find that here http://www.wmu.ncaabbs.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=469!
Feel free to come psot!
my favorite part of this entire site....
Bronco Basketball
100% Dickie V Free