Women's soccer - Elizabeth Lambert

Exactly the opposite way the game should be played. She deserves a long LONG suspension from the game
The Refs should be suspended...that was a pathetic display of indifference by the zebras.

As for Lambert....No more soccer....no more scolarship....should be on probation with the university if not expelled. I'm glad the 4 letter is making it a story.
ShoeSh1ne said:
The hair pull did it.

Get her out.

That was one bada$$ hair pull....snapped that girls neck back. Basically it was a sucker punch but in reverse. Look like the girl was knocked unconscious.
That b!tch must really hate mormons.
The story has made it a far as Good Morning America and Lambert is now suspended indefinately
Am I the only one that can't watch this video without thinking that she must be an absolute tiger in the sack?

It is crazy that she got away with all of that during the game though.
I'm just curious about the refs at this point. With all of this going on, she only received a yellow card during the match. After the hair pull at least an assistant or the 4th official should have seen it and called for the straight red.