Youtube: Blue Devil Idiot (VCU gets a mention)


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Apr 19, 2009

Andy Ingles is a kid who wrote this Duke-bashing parody of American Idiot. It's not particularly well-done, but he's a kid. The cool thing is that VCU gets mentioned in the chorus of the song three times. We know this is gonna get a lot of hits just because it's a Duke-bashing video, regardless of the quality. More pub for us! :lol: The video cuts to a still shot of Eric's dagger, as well as a video clip of Greg Paulus flopping to draw a charge call against us. :lol:

Here's the chorus:

Their favorite sports are basketball and lacrosse
They hate football because
Well they cant put together a decent team
Their freakin dream for tomorrow
Is to not have any sorrow
For losing to VCU
Agreed. Which is why it will get even more hits. :lol:

Get pub in any way possible. 8-)
Too bad the kid is too busy trying to eat the microphone, you can hardly understand what he's saying.
districtballer said:
Agreed. Which is why it will get even more hits. :lol:


More people have clicked on this thread. I am not sure how many people would keep watching that long enough to hear VCU. I did, but only because I wanted to see the promised flop once again. I love watching that.
F that guy.

I'm sorta sick of being on the wrong end of that "VCU beat Duke" joke.