Sometimes you have to shut your mouth, stop typing, and appreciate your world. It makes little sense to go through the game-action particulars of VCUs bludgeoning of Butler. We won't.
Once this occurred:

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there wasn&#039;t much left other than accounting, merriment, and soaking up atmosphere. (The Peppas--the official soundtrack of fun.) We had an opportunity to appreciate havoc in all its glory. So did the nation.
In all seriousness, I&#039;m being serious. That play was Butler&#039;s third turnover in its first five possessions. Juvonte Reddic had gone strong--to his left, mind you--for an And One. Weber&#039;s hoo-baby slam nearly brought the house down and made the score 7-2.
We really didn&#039;t see it in the moment, but looking back it was evident. The result obvious. Once Troy Daniels swished back-to-back threes, and then hit all three free throws for a personal 9-2 run, the boat race was on and you knew it.
If you still didn&#039;t at that point, you should&#039;ve known in this midhalf defensive sequence: Butler threw four passes in their offensive set. Two were deflected, one was stolen, and one found it&#039;s intended receiver. By then it was 28-10.
The only remaining question: where are we going postgame?
We&#039;re going to be talking about this game for years to come. From Shakaville to the vibe shortly before tipoff until this very moment you read this entry (and then some), no scriptwriter could&#039;ve done better.
In fact, the greatest piece of analysis I can offer didn&#039;t occur during the game. We don&#039;t need to overcook it. The biggest notable event came from outside Richmond. It happened in multiple cities across America.
There are a lot of college basketball programs, already locks for the NCAA tournament, that just became very nervous for Selection Sunday. They don&#039;t want Greg Gumbel announcing &quot;VCU&quot; just before or after their name is called.
They saw what we saw.
<span style="text-decoration:underline;font-size:13pt;">Statistics That Jump Out At Me</span>
63, 13:52. Butler came into the game giving up an average of 63 points per game. VCU hit that mark, and there was still 13:52 to play in the game.
17, 10, 8/8, 15. VCU had 17 steals and drilled 10 threes. The Rams are now 15-0 when having eight or more steals and eight or more threes in the same game.
8, 9, 5. Darius Theus had a ridiculous eight points, nine assists, and five steals.
15. VCU forced 23 turnovers and committed eight. A turnover differential of 15 is otherworldly.
<span style="text-decoration:underline;font-size:13pt;">The Curmudgeon&#039;s View</span>
Time to be cranky about myself. I&#039;m a big proponent of moving forward. That game is over, and it&#039;s time to concentrate on the next one, Richmond.
Not today. I&#039;m going to savor this one awhile.
Now, I also want to be clear. It isn&#039;t realistic to expect this kind of performance every time out. We&#039;re dealing with 20-year old kids, and the line between good and great is skeletal, rickety, and steep.
But when it comes together like it did Saturday? Beautiful.
<span style="text-decoration:underline;font-size:13pt;">Stars of the Game</span>
***Darius Theus. Shaka Smart called Theus the head of the snake, and there was venom all over the Siegel Center floor. And more than the 8/9/5 listed above: Theus did all of that and committed zero fouls.
**Juvonte Reddic. Simply put,you can&#039;t do your job better than Reddic did his on Saturday. He was unstoppable early, which changed the way Butler tried to defend. His 11 points weren&#039;t glossy, but Reddic was a man when it mattered.
*Troy Daniels. We will start with seven rebounds for Buzz, and add a couple logo threes. When you are fouled twice beyond the arc, people are scared. Saniels put the fear of Arc in Butler.
<span style="text-decoration:underline;">Honorable mention:</span> It was great to see Briante Weber break out with 11 points. More on his performance tomorrow.
<span style="text-decoration:underline;font-size:13pt;">Shaka Smart Postgame Presser:</span>