Women: VCU vs ODU

VCU WINS 58-51!!! The men's team rush the court in celebration and give the girls a big high five all the way down the line.  Great Job Coach Cunningham.  See everybody at the next game.  Thanks for tuning in.  VCURamNation Out!

12 seconds.  Radoslava at the line. Both drop just fine for her.

ODU burns too much time and does not make their shot.  D'andra Moss is fouled and goes to the line for two shots.  She hits both and VCU has all but sealed the deal with 20 seconds to play.  56-48 VCU.

Kita  Waller goes to the line for the Rams to shoot two.  ODU is fouling from here on out.  Waller makes one of her two and VCU leads 54-48. Clock is ticking and its under 35 seconds now.  ODU gets in trouble and Larry is forced to bail them out with a timeout.  Solid defense by VCU when it counts.

48.8 to play and Wendy Larry calls a thirty second timeout to regroup and call a play.

ODU misses the jumper and Q grabs her 15th board of the day.  That was an important one.  Missed layup by VCU but we are fouled going for the rebound.  Rorie goes to the line and makes the front end of the one and one.  Makes the second fall as well.  53-48 with 50 seconds to play.  No fouls here.  ODU misses the basket and ball goes out of bounds to VCU.

Radoslava is called for the foul under the basket, and is furious with herself and the call, as it sent ODU to the line.  They hit both and it's back to a three point game.  30 second timeout called by Coach Cunningham as it looked like her team might be in trouble with the play called.  1:52 to play VCU leads 51-48.

Need a basket here.  Missed shot but big rebound.  No such luck on the basket, ODU ball.  Fortunate though, ODU gives the ball right back with a traveling violation.  GREAT pass into Q and VCU gets the bucket to count big time.  Needed that as it pushes the lead to 5 with 2:20 to play.  VCU 51-46.

D'Andra Moss banks one in and pushes the VCU lead to 49-46 with just under 4 to play.

ODU fouls Q again and sends her back to the bonus shots.  She sinks the first one and makes the second backet for her 19th point on the day.  The crowd sounds great.  But a liittle steam is taken out of the sail as Jasmine Parker makes the basket and goes to the line for the three point play.  VCU takes a timeout before the shot will be taken.

She hits both and reclaims the lead for the Rams 45-43 with 5:29 to go.

VCU's Kita Waller hits a big time three and the crowd is right back into it.  Waller then grabs a rebound on the defensive end.  ODU commits their 7th team foul and Q steps to the line for the Rams. One plus the bonus.

VCU  loses a bit of focus and let's ODU reclaim the lead with 7 minutes to go.  43-40 ODU.

D'Andra gets the bucket to count and, exactly as I wished, gets ODU to throw a sloppy pass out of bounds. 40-37 VCU leads and just about 8 minutes to go.

Agent Double Zero hits a jumper and but ODU answers on the other end and the lead is still one point for VCU at 38-37.  Jumpball called and possession arrow favors VCU.  Gotta make this one count and then get a turnover on the defensive side.

Double zero, Quanitra, steps to the line to try to push VCU's lead a little more.  Misses the front end and the second rims out as well. VCU clinges to a one point lead.

Just got word we set a new VCU Women's basketball attendance record at 2,437.  Great job for everybody in attendance!!

Q grabs the defense board and with that logs another double-double.  Radoslava is not affected by the contacts as she spots up a three and nails it.  darn good "defense" chant going by the VCU contingent.  36-32 VCU leads with 12:01 remaining.

Jennifer Lane picks up her third foul and sends Jasmine Parker to the line for ODU.  She misses the first and Radoslava checks in the Lane.  Radoslava had her glasses knocked off and maybe broken earlier.  Looks to be sporting contacts right now.  Not nearly as intense looking, but as long as she can see I'm OK with it.

VCU gets the lead back on a Moss field goal. And Jennifer Lane plays some stout defense on the other end forcing an ODU traveling violation.  Rorie pentrates and gets the 10 fott jumper to go in. Fantastic ball movement and Q logs her 13th point of the game.  33-28 VCU leads with 15:22 to go in the game.  Wendy Larry is forced to take a timeout to regroup her Monarchs.

Good looking pass to the tower that is Q and VCU gets its first basket of the half at the 18 minute mark.  28-27 VCU trails by one.  ODU fouls and VCU gets the ball back.

ODU inbounds and gets a quick layup. And then the get another.  Tie game.  VCU not playing with great ball handling right now.  Got to get that figured out quick.  Jennifer Lane picks up her first personal of the half.  Not a great start.

OK Halftime... You know my deal by now.  Gold Rush dancers are on and I take a break to support them as well.  Be Back.

30.2 seconds left and Green of ODU is called for over the back.  VCU sets up a play and Radoslava Bachvarova hits a big time three to send our Lady Rams into the locker room with a 25-21 lead!!

22-21 VCU leads and Jennifer Lane checks back into the game.  ODU calls a timeout to setup what is likely their last possession of the half, as there is only 41.8 ticks left on the clock.  Would love to see them milk the clock and then turn the ball over.  That way VCU could take a bigger lead into the lockeroom.

VCU with the opportunity to take the lead after Tiffany Green of ODU is called for the 3-second violation.  Q does her part and grabs a rebound of a missed three and sinks the 7footer for VCU's first lead in some time.

A timeout on the floor. And thank goodness, VCU started lighting up and I could barely manage to keep up with all the action.

VCU finds life and D'andra Moss hits one off the glass from underneath the basket.  Key element there is that she got the ball off an offense rebound.  19-13 ODU after two free throws.  Radoslava answers with the games first three pointer and the lead is trimmed to 3 for ODU.  La'Tavia Rorie hits a jumper and the game is at a 19-18 breaking point for VCU as they trail only by one point with 3:40 remaining.

VCU is shooting 14% this half, while ODU is at 28%.   ODU hits a shotclock beating jumper and VCU answers with a Q bucket of her own.  17-11 ODU leads.

Aside from Q's two free throws, VCU has been on one heck of a scoring drought.  Q gets the bucket, of course right after I type this, and gets the And-1 opportunity.  15-8 ODU leads with 6:42 remaining in the first.  Also, the rest of the mens team showed up.

Wendy Larry is a character man. Carrying her towel on her shoulder and screaming at the refs.

A couple of quick turnovers by VCU and ODU jumps to a 12-5 lead.  Q gets fouled on her shot attempt and will desperately need to sink both these free ones. She gets the backend of the 1 and 1.  There is a large ODU crowd here today, and they are not afraid to let us know they are here.

Jennifer Lane checks back in to lead the Rams down the court.  Unfortunately, she picks up her first personal and the Rams now trail 8-5 with 11 minutes to play.

Good ball movement by the Lady Rams and "Q" gets the free throw opportunities.

VCU favorite Quanitra Hollingsworth checks back into the game.   Immediately her presence is felt.  She forces a turnover in the paint.  Ebony Patterson checks in and Jennifer Lane takes a seat.  La'Tavia Rorie spells Radoslava Bachvarova.  ODU steps to the charity line and makes one of two shots.

ODU ties the game with a fastbreak layup.  Jennifer Lane is taking her time seeing the plays develop.  Good pass inside to D'andra Moss, but the ball rims out. 14:13 left in the first and the game is tied 4-4. Timeout on the floor.

Shot clock violation on VCU.  Ball is turned over to ODU.  Jasmin Parker of ODU gets called for a traveling violation and gives us the ball right back.  Jennifer Lane is about a good a PG as you could ask for leading your team.  Very athletic not afraid to penetrate.

Eric Maynor and Joey Rodriguez make it out on Superbowl Sunday to support their fellow Rams.  Good to see!

VCU comes out looking great.  We take a quick 4-0 lead with 18:05 remaining.

Welcome to a special broadcast of VCURamNation.com as we follow the Lady Rams at home against the Monarchs of ODU.  GAMEDAY!!
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