1 Day to Prepare for NU? Bracket Busters must go!

Apr 19, 2009
BTW, this is not to overlook UNCW.

Northeastern is not the same as other CAA teams, they are not intimidated by our crowd or our athleticism, they are used to every game being a virtual road game. Any of you ever been to Mathews Arena?

NU runs a very complicated offense designed by Al Skinner (BC coach) known as "the flex". It is highly sophisticated with a lot of motion and hundreds of ball screens geared to their top players (Janning, Adako aka the punk, Allen) who can pour it in on any given night. You saw how much trouble VCU had with this offense last year coming off an emotional win over GMU and just 2 days rest. Now we have just one day to get ready for it this year.

Why? Bracket Busters! We must play 4 games in 7 days with limited preparation to open up a Saturday spot in late February because of this "good thing" according to ESPN that has NEVER helped VCU, other than getting a return home game the following year when we have to go away, sometimes 3 time zones away!

We've already lost once in conference, if we lose focus and come out of this 2-2 we could be done as far as #4 in a row goes, given who is remaining on the schedule, 2x odu, at gmu, at nu, athofstra, wm etc) this is a big stretch. We need a big 4-0 on this one.
Not sure what NU's schedule looks like before ours. It'll be a test of the will and character of this team. At least its at home. Everybody will be gunning to beat us at home, especially with our home winning percentage.

We had better not overlook UNCW...they darn near beat Richmond at their place (probably should have).
This is good prep for tournament time...rest easy...we have LOTS of players WANTING minutes...

I'll take our schedule. :o

NU plays in Cable Car Classic in San Francisco tonight, travel cross country home to play JMU on Saturday, then down to Richmond for our game. Throw in New Years eve on Thursday.

Just beat UNCW.

Why is this because of Bracket Busters? If you got rid of Bracket Busters you would not have to play a conference game in December. I have more of a problem with playing a conference game early in the year when you are still getting things together.
NE's schedule looks more like a traveling pro team, living out of a suitcase since 12/2: First stop: Honolulu, HI, [3 games in 4 days ending on 12/25], then to Santa Clara on 12/29 for 2 games in 2 days, then fly back to NE for a 4PM 1/2 Sat game with JMU and then travel to Richmond to play VCU @ 7pm. If we lose we can't blame the schedule. They have 3 guys averaging more that 33 minutes a game, VCU is deeper and playing at home with 2 games to shake off the rust.

If you want to pick up some Bball acting pointers, look no further than Baptiste Bataille, i kept looking for a representative from the Academy Awards last year but i guess fooling the refs was enough satisfaction for him.
I thought the December in-conference game (this season, W&M :x ) was the fix made to accommodate for Bracket Busters... didn't we just swap an OoC game in December with a CAA game in February to make room?
artRAMinMN said:
I thought the December in-conference game (this season, W&M :x ) was the fix made to accommodate for Bracket Busters... didn't we just swap an OoC game in December with a CAA game in February to make room?

That's what I thought. We never played conference games in December until we started playing BB.
I think the bunched up schedule at the beginning of the season is because we play our tourney a week earlier than most. Either way all of the teams in the conference have to deal with the same stuff. Last year the BB trip was tough for us going into our game (at JMU I believe) but this year NU actually has a tougher travel assignment heading into our game so if any thing the schedule works to our advantage this time around. Bracket Busters isn't all that it is cracked up to be, but it is not the devil that some make it out to be either. Any national television exposure we can get in late February is a good thing though.