Brandon's Post Game Interview


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Apr 19, 2009
Awesome job Ram Nation..

I loved Brandon's comment about this style of baskteball allows the players to really show their skills and "let them play." He said, unlike past years...

Thats a great clip to show recruits.... :D

A lot of what Brandon said is true though. Last year, our only guy who wasn't really playing in Eric's shadow was Larry and a couple of games where Joey was hot. Many times in our half court offensive sets the ball would go through Eric. Eric initiated our half court offensive attack over 50% of the time in my best estimate, which is a huge amount of offense to be generated from one player on any level of basketball.

I agree with Brandon in the regard that many guys including Brandon, Brad, Ed, Jay, and our talented freshman will be able to showcase their offensive talent. I personally feel that Brandon and Brad will have huge offensive seasons from the perimeter.
The RTD put up a transcript of post-game comments by Coach Smart and Coach Coker as well.
On making 16 of 21 free throws:

“When I was at Clemson, we worked on free throws about ten times as much as we do here. We just didn’t have as many good foul shooters … Our guys are doing a good job of stepping up and knocking them down, and we’ve done that since the start of practice. We stat every free throw that we shoot in practice. The percentages have been very good, and that bore out tonight.”

On the press:

“We used a few different presses. I thought it was effective at times. I thought it wore them down to some extent. They did a good job of making some shots at the back end of the press early. They also exploited us for some layups against the press. There are some areas we need to get better. I thought we did a good job turning them over in the press. We had 21 turnovers in the game. That’s one of our goals, for the opponent to be over 18 turnovers in a game.

“Definitely a lot to learn from. It’s a very valuable tape. Can’t wait to get back up to the office and watch it.”

Virginia Union coach Willard Coker:

“I felt like tonight VCU showed why they were one of the top teams in their conference last year. They came out and they just overwhelmed us early, and it was hard for us to get any momentum to try to catch them.”
Such a smart coach. He is sounding, and looking, better every day. I think we've got a winner.