Chad Ford's latest on Sanders

Apr 19, 2009
Larry Sanders, F/C, VCU

As my blog partner Fran Fraschilla saw with his own eyes, no one did more to help his stock this summer than Sanders. The VCU junior was the talk of the LeBron camp. He measured in at 6-foot-10 in shoes with an incredible 7-foot-6½ wingspan. Scouts knew he could be a dominant rebounder and shotblocker, but were impressed to see the emergence of an offensive game. He gave Kansas' Cole Aldrich, a much more highly touted big man, fits in the camp.

Sanders began the summer ranked as a potential late first-round prospect but he's moved to No. 14 on our Big Board. He needs to add bulk (he weighed a paltry 217 pounds at the camp) and continue to improve on the offensive end, but if he can have a big year, he should cash in somewhere in the lottery.
if larry has made the improvements offensively that i keep hearing about and he can learn to stay out of foul trouble, just to play 30 min every night he will put up numbers necessary to probably go top 8 next year.
We're gonna find out really quick whether or not Larry can stay out of foul trouble...I'm sure every team we play is acutely aware of our thin-ness at with only Hinton (maybe-kinda KP) to backup until Skeen is eligble.
Dude don't forget TJ.. I know he is undersized but he more than makes up for that with scruffiness and heart. That guy will fight for every ball on that court.

Speaking of, I bet that guy could kill in an actual fight. He is intimidating.
I believe Larry's foul problems have been a bit overblown. After the first couple weeks of the last season, he did a pretty good job of avoid fouls while staying aggressive. He did average 27 minutes per game last season, third among returning players.
I think if Union was any indication, we wont see the Larry/KP combo much, since they will be spelling each other. A lot of small lineups until Skeen is eligible, which will be able to Wreck Havoc better anyway.

Until Skeen is in, TJ's gonna finally have his time to shine.