CT: Dave Telep says Recruiting Class 'Talk of the league'


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Apr 19, 2009
Have a new blog up on the Ram Recruiting Report on this article by Adam Stern at the Commonwealth Times. He interviews National Recruiting Director for Scout.com Dave Telep. Telep has made no secret of how impressed he is with the Rams' class for this year and is effusive in his praise for the coaching staff.


Here is the direct link to the article:


In other news, 87 Ram fans have voted on my poll question "Who do you think will have the most immediate impact of the 2010 freshmen?" Juvonte Reddic has pulled into the lead after being in a dead heat with Reco McCarter the last couple of days. Here is the breakdown:

Juvonte Reddic: 39 votes (44%)
Reco McCarter: 35 votes (40%)
Darrell Haley: 11 votes (12%)
Rob Brandenberg: 2 votes (2%)
Re: CT: Basketball Recruiting Class 'Talk of the league'

Here are some quotes from Telep on the guys and the class overall.

“They snatched a couple guys, man” said Dave Telep, National Recruiting Director for Scout.com, a sports publishing company that focuses on recruiting. “I actually thought they were wasting their time with Reddic. I thought he was going to wind up going higher, so for them to pop Reddic was a big deal.”
“VCU’s primary concern (going into this year’s recruiting) was getting some bodies for their front court and I don’t know if it could have worked out any better for them,” Telep said. “Long, rangy guys that fit in with the style they play, it’s perfect.”
“If (Brandenberg) was available now (rather than already being committed), VCU probably wouldn’t have a chance (of signing him),” Telep Said.
“I think coach Smart finally has a guy on his team that’s smarter than him,” Telep said jokingly, referring to Haley’s perfect grade point average. “How he wasn’t recruited by some of the Pac-10 teams looking for size will remain a mystery.”
“If one of these five guys turn out to be as good (as Maynor or Sanders), they hit a home run,” Telap said. “I can’t imagine that’s (two players getting drafted in consecutive years from a CAA school) going to happen again anytime soon.”
“Shaka did really, really well,” Telep said. “This is an Atlantic-10 recruiting class in the CAA, that’s what it looks like to me. I think this is going to wind up being the talk of the league."

Secretly the everyone in the NCAA loves our team so any recruit we really want the back off of .. thats only way i can explain it

*and for anyone who says why didn't we get ___ ___ it's cause we didnt really want them.. ;)