Daniels and Theus studs per AP...

Apr 24, 2009
Per RTD article today (sorry no link, read in paper paper today - goin old school) lists Troy Daniels as AP VA state first team, Theus as state second team. List includes a number of BCS recruits including McKie and Raines.

Not sure if this was old info or not, but good to see more accolades for our recruits, confirming what we know - our coaching staff is no bunch of amateurs, and thatthis will be another solid year for us in Ram Nation!
Mercury with the Slam Dunk after the Assist from VCUENT

http://www.timesdispatch.com/rtd/sports ... 34/267844/

Troy Daniels, who led William Fleming with 15 points in the title contest, joined Parker on the first team. The 6-4 senior averaged 16.3 points, 5.4 rebounds and 2.7 assists as the Colonels finished 25-5. He twice won regular-season games with 3-pointers at the buzzer.

Second team : Cadarian Raines, Petersburg, 6-9, senior; Chris Evans, Petersburg, 6-6, senior; Jamar Wertz, King's Fork, 6-3, senior; John Manning, Chantilly, 6-11, junior ; Darius Theus, Norcom, 6-3, senior ; Kwasi Amponsah, Gar-Field, 6-0, senior ; Jamelle Hagins, William Fleming, 6-7, senior
thanks for the assist, but I just want it to be known I am too fat, slow, and old to be considered for our PG spot...
Hey VCU Otolaryngology, love the avatar. IMHO the Egyptian Building is the signature building for VCU. Beautiful, architecturally significant and steeped with history. I wish the university used more images of it in marketing our brand.