Eric Maynor: "I just want to land in the right situation"


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Apr 20, 2009
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DX: Let’s rewind a little bit. You weren’t a very highly touted player coming out of high school, why do you think you slipped under the radar of some of the bigger college programs?

EM: Everybody was knocking on my jump shot. I couldn’t really shoot consistently and I didn’t have the shot mechanics to play in the ACC or a conference like that. So everyone would knock my shooting in high school and I think that was the main thing.

DX: Other than VCU, what other schools were recruiting you?

EM: Basically everyone in the Colonial Conference was recruiting me. There were some other schools like College of Charleston, Appalachian State and East Carolina. Pretty much it was just mid-majors.

DX: Do you think the bigger programs and recruiting services out there missed the boat on you, or did you improve that much in college to the point where you are now?

EM: Coming out of high school I felt like I could play on that top level, with the ACC or whoever. So for me, it was just about going somewhere and playing. Especially when I go play against the top notch or the big time schools, I really show them that maybe they did kind of miss out on me. But I’ve worked so much on my game and I’ve improved so much since high school.
Awesome article. Nice to see Maynor's knows his role in the NBA and is ready to move on to the next stage in his career. I have a feeling he'll be quite successful there! 8-)
As long as that situation is within an 8 hour drive of Richmond, or in a major media market...I agree.

PS. What's up with the Bobcats logo? Is that not the ugliest thing you've ever seen? They look like a WNBA team. But what do I know, I think the "Thunder" is a great name.
Maybe the Lakers will trade up to get him because Derrick Fisher can't play D on these young guards. i.e the reason the Lakers lost to the Rockets. I'd love for them to get Eric.

With Rubio in the draft, it also makes this class unbelievably loaded with point guards. According to, nine of the first twenty-one picks are expected to be point guards.

This includes American high-school standout Brandon Jennings, who chose to play internationally rather than in the NCAA. Also in the point guard mix are Jonny Flynn, Stephen Curry, Eric Maynor, Ty Lawson, Tyreke Evans, Jeff Teague, and St Mary’s little man, Patty Mills.

That’s just the first round.

This has to be the most PG rich draft we've had in a very long time. In the second round you have guys like AJ Price (UCONN), Tyrese Rice (BC), and Darren Collison (UCLA). It's pretty awesome that Maynor is slated to go ahead a lot of these guys. Great pub for VCU.