First a RAM fan...then a CAA fan

Jun 17, 2009
Hearty well wishes to CAA teams in their respective post season tournaments. May we all do well and represent the conference with wins and championships. Go CAA!!!
To root for ODPoo and their boorish fans is akin to choking down some nasty tasting medicine when you were a kid. If I was to cheer for the pussycats I would start heaving uncontrollably. I wouldn't be unhappy if they won, but I wouldn't be unhappy if they lost either.
I wouldn't mind it if we got the extra money from an additional tourny share... our athletics budget can use all the help it can get.

I wouldn't mind if the rest of the world's opinion of the CAA was elevated as it may eventually help overcome the stepchild effect.

those reasons would exist no matter who represented the CAA in the tourny

...but then again, if they lose, I can enjoy that too.
Anybody know when the last time UNC had a losing season? Sure would be nice for W&M to send them packing in front of their home crowd with a season record of 16-17. One for their record books.
never thought I would say this
but all of a sudden for some reason
I am a
Fighting Irish fan


But we could use the money, so, um, Go Narcs. :?
St Patricks Day tomorrow. With that I say Go Irish!!!

But yes we need the money
I won't "root" for any other CAA team it would be nice to see them win but I don't really care either way. Now ODU I hope they get crushed in every game they play
razorcomesinpeace said:
classy group.
absolutely - that's why the 'Narchs have such a hard on for anything VCU. :mrgreen: :lol: :roll: