larry = foul trouble

Feb 15, 2009
Hey people, I'm obviously new on here, so just wanted to welcome myself and put in my two cents.

Now I know larry's a big guy and big guys tend towards foul trouble, but is it just me or does anyone else think that having him play a little less aggressive D and being able to get more playing time would be worth allowing the several points our opposition makes? or at least just holding back until the clutch.

it's unfortunate that kirill weren't a tad more coordinated and a bit more aware on D, but I'd personally feel more comfortable having #1 in there more than his average 25 minutes, even if it means risking a few more FGs a game. easier said than done though, I suppose. I've just been bummed out with the amount of fouling going on, off and on, this season (and not just with larry, although I think it effects his/our game the most).

oh and i might add that every game we've lost this season larry has either fouled out or had 4 fouls. be it that he fouled out because of the game intensity or otherwise, I don't believe this is just a coincidence.
Yeah, I can tell Kirill is trying his best and I like his goofiness. I'm not trying to hate on him, don't get me wrong. I like aggressiveness to an extent, but he's gotta play his game according to the way refs are calling fouls. They've been so inconsistent this season it's kind of been painful to watch, but I just know some games what are called as fouls wouldn't be in (most) others. Maybe it has to do with the atmosphere a little too.

Also, has anyone else noticed off and on the past few games (maybe every game, I haven't been paying enough attention, but) Larry's had his wrist wrapped? And I know this is common, but I didn't notice it for the first half of the season and then the last two games I've been to I've seen it. Is he nursing a bad wrist or just trying to avoid injury?

And I'll definitely be coming to this forum a lot. I'm not a huge fan of the zone so I've still never registered/hardly visit there.
That's what I'm talking about. Larry played most of the game with under 4 fouls, Kirill played a pretty good game, and we won. Granted Maynor got 30 points, but we had, what, 3 players with double digits? and if Joey could have hit his free throws maybe 4. Good game tonight though, first time in awhile I've seen us get more rebounds. It was good watching Larry laughing after that last block right before the end.