New recruits twitters

DJ is following Larry Sanders, and Rob is following E Maynor and VCURamnation! :mrgreen: Whoever has the VCURamnation twitter account, your mission is clear: don't say anything stupid that would turn Brandenberg off to VCU!
Something I saw that was awesome:

DJ Haley - Working hard to be the best basketball player I can possibly be. Success is measured by determination and I am determined.
So far all of our recruits seem enthusiastic about being a part of VCU basketball and improving their games. Hopefully that continues this fall.
Does anyone know when all this comes to a head? When will it be time for the verbals to either #@$% or get off the pot? When must they let us know/ When can they sign?
They can sign on April 14.
It appears so - seems as there is already a connection being formed.
myrtlebeachramfan said:
Does anyone know if they follow eachother since they will soon (hopefully) all be teamates.

i dont think so else Brandenberg would of "@their name" anyways they seem to be aware of the other recruits thats about it but thats to be expected i doubt they have met in person

"#shoutout to Juvante Reddic, DJ Haley, Toby Veal, and Reco Mccarter....we shuttin VCU dwn this summer #thecityismines lol"

also Brandenberg seems to have privated his tweets now :cry: