Recruiting What’s up with this weekend?!

In the face!

Those folks over at Westhampton wanted to run him out of town last year.

Couldn't happen to a better group of fans!
Not sure why he would even consider us since the entire coaching staff left....
By all accounts, Silas is a smart guy. Maybe he saw more to like at VCU beyond the coaching staff. Maybe, like a lot of us, he sees that we now have a staff that could very well be better than the departed staff. Maybe he likes the BDC. Maybe he likes the program as a whole and how we always seem to land on our feet and keep winning. Maybe he likes that we'll now be running an NBA/Euro offense. Maybe he sees PT without Ace in front of him. heck, maybe he likes the fans.

Staffs come and go. VCU keeps on keeping on. We may be an improved team due to recent events. We could be more attractive to him now.