Without a doubt, the best player on the floor tonight was...


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Apr 19, 2009
Joey Rodriquez. His defense was close to perfect and his offense was unreal.

Congrats JROD - what a game - you are a winner! I liked what Shaka said about ensuring they get you some rest during the game...you are all heart!

Honorable Mention - Brad Burgess - great hustle and great rebounder.

2nd Honorable Mention - TJ - such a class act - great hustle - that inbounds play where you would not pick up the ball was awesome...

You are so right. I was beginning to wonder that we VCU fans were so used to superlative point guard play that we would not be able to recognize the superb job that JRod is doing for us. Now if he can consistently produce like he did tonight especially come February we should be a pretty good team.
I saw the title of this thread, and I was afraid it was going to be yet more Maynor fellation, but thankfully it's about VCU basketball.

Huge props to Joey, and a bit of stfu to his doubters

As said, B'ford, Roz, and TJ also did some fine work... Jay Gavin deserves some praise too

An off game for Larry maybe, but maybe that will help get all those press clippings out of his head
I thought Larry did a great job! He is going to show more in the future, but he did okay tonight.
has no one noticed Burgess was 100% tonight on the floor, incredible, 3-3 2pts, 2-2 3pts, 2-2 free throws
ramtastic83 said:
has no one noticed Burgess was 100% tonight on the floor, incredible, 3-3 2pts, 2-2 3pts, 2-2 free throws

They don't call him Big Shot for nothin'! Bradford is no doubt one of the hardest working players on the team, and it shows when he plays this way. Big ups to him for a great night
Big Shot wasn't afraid to mix it up inside tonight either. He had some key rebounds.
Not to mention the team as a whole, including having a lot of bench players in for a lot of the second half, shot 46% from the field, as well as 46% from distance. Not too shabby
The freshmen looked good too. Theus didn't look sharp, but you can tell when he does he'll be nasty. I'm already a fan of Troy Daniels too.

Also, Gavin's release is weird I haven't placed it yet but there's something off about it.
Love the quickness of Grayson...and Burgess is already lookin like a senior out there.
El matador J Rod was the man tonight and he can still play better. Gavin is looking to get out of his slump, this cat can shoot. Burgess was on his game as well and showed some toughness. TJ hustled but did not rebound well. Larry was not needed offensively as the threes were falling but as usual his defensive presence continues to change the other teams inside presence. Theus and Daniels are steady, Grayson played like a freshman. Krill and Nixon contributed when needed although Nixon looked hurt. Rozell had some outstanding assist and played solid defense. Overall our rebounding needs to improve and we had too many turnovers.
J-rod was fantastic, won't try to take anything from him. He had a great great great night.

But If I started this thread it would be about Bradford. Stat lines don't tell you everything. (and that says a lot for a guy who shot 100% from the field). His Defense was almost spotless, near perfection. The kid was a senior the moment he stepped on the court his freshman year, now he is just a man!!
I think the fouls kinda threw Larry off track. I thought he did a better job in the exhibition of going straight up contesting shots and overall selection of shots he was willing to go out on and block. Tough to contain the excitement. Good to see the perimeter game starting to come together. This can be a very VERY dangerous team from the outside if we stay consistent. We have 4-5 guys capaple of shooting over 40% from beyond the arc, WOW. Kudos to Brad...I think somebody said it best when they said he created all kinds of matchup problems during the LaSalle game...multidimensional player...and to think he's just a sophmore. The play was sloppy at times...we must create the havoc for others not ouselves although the speed of play and the fact it is early in the season likely contributes to this and takes some getting used to. Glad Joey is back...he put any doubters to rest last night. Good to see Jay step out, he needs to stay in his game. I'd like to see some midrange game development out of a few players. Would have liked to have seen Hinton get more floor time last night with the lead. Lets keep the freshman involved...they are a great bunch that bring a different look to the table than the juniors...they just need some time and confidence. We will definately need to tighten things up if we are going to have a shot at Oklahoma. Hopefully Shaka and the guys will be up to the challenge. But first lets get a rod win.
Absolutely agree. Great games for Jay, and Bradford as well. I think Brandon really had a huge first half and played a huge part in our 24-4 run to end the half. 3 incredible passes, including the nice oop, and some nice defense helped us put that game away!