2018 4* PF Jake Forrester lists VCU as a finalist

VCU's first cut list appearance of the first real recruiting cycle of the Mike Rhoades era was a big one! Norristown, Pennslyvania's own <a href="http://verbalcommits.com/players/jake-forrester">Jake Forrester, a 2018 4* Power Forward </a>included VCU in his final 8 on Friday, July 28th, 2017.


About Jake Forrester[/HEADING=3]
Jake Forrester is a 6'8, 200# PF out of Harrisburg, PA... new VCU head man Mike Rhoades' home state! Mike has been cultivating a relationship with Jake for a long time. Jake, along with 2018 SG Keonte Kennedy, is one of the few targets Coach Rhoades carried over from his tenure at Rice.

Jake's Final List of 8:
<li>Xavier (Big East)</li>
<li>Seton Hall (Big East)</li>
<li>Virginia Tech (ACC)</li>
<li>Indiana (Big Ten)</li>
<li>Notre Dame (ACC)</li>
<li>Pittsburgh (ACC)</li>
<li>Georgia Tech (ACC)</li>
<li>VCU (A10)</li>
Aside from just making the cut list, which is awesome, this is should serve as a welcome announcement to Ram fans that even after 2 coaching changes the last 3 years, VCU will still be competing on the national stage with teams from the elite conferences for top-tier recruits. 

Where Does He Fit?[/HEADING=3]
With the departure of Justin Tillman at the end of this season, VCU is in dire need of an athletic playmaker at the forward position. Not only does Jake look like he can fit the role, his EYBL statistics indicate that he is well suited to carry the banner as VCU's next athletic, high-rising-play-maker... with awesome hair.

Join The Discussion about Jake![/HEADING=3]
The folks on RamNation are pumped to have made the cut list for Jake Forrester! If you're excited, and want to join in on the conversation - head over to the <a href="https://www.vcuramnation.com/forums/threads/vcu-makes-2018-4-pf-jake-forresters-cut-list.16924/">Jake Forrester thread</a> on the forums. Not a forum member yet? <a href="https://www.vcuramnation.com/forums/login/">Sign up here!</a>

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