Manyor in early tonight

Jul 1, 2009
Maynor is in right now.
He might get some big mins tonight.
Deron is in foul trouble.

NBA league pass broadband is having a free preview right now.
You can watch Maynor live!!
8-) thanks for the updates sir! Thank goodness Ty Lawson doesn't play for the Clippers...
Was watching when he scored his first two points. His dream come true.

Did have a turnover, think they will charge it to him but think the other guy wasn't where he was supposed to be standing.
maynor will adjust to the speed of regular season soon.
hes having some bad luck early.
i want a few shots to fall for him.
Thankfully he was a first rounder so they will give him time to shine...he will be ok though.
Maynor played 5 minutes:

- 0-1 from the floor
- 2-2 from the line
- 2 turnovers, 0 assists (ouch)
- 1 def rebound
- 1 foul

It seems he has a problem with turnovers in the preseason and in his debut games. I am sure he will adjust but he looks lost out there right now.