Scout- UNCW @ ur


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Apr 19, 2009
Trying to find tickets for the game tonight. If anyone has extras, let me know.

SunTrust has $7 tickets, but I'd rather not give ur any money at all!

Anyone else going??
I might just go to see Fields in person. He was very impressive on TV against Mason. It will be interesting to see how he goes up against Harper, Geriot, and Duinker.
I'll be there shooting the game.
VCU4LIFE said:
Why? ODU is not playing....

I'll have my laptop, ipod(/iphone) and cameras. I know how quickly those things can walk there! ;)
xjohnx has got to be shooting a higher percentage than uncw. they've got 14 points 2 minutes into the 2nd half.
While the scores are lower than I expected, you can't be too surprised by them. UNCW is traditionally a talented team defensively, and UR showed us in the first half of our game just how pesky they can be on D. We only scored 6 more points than UNCW in the first half of our game AT HOME.
VCUbusinessgrad said:
it was 18 to 13 at half... o lord what a snooze fest they (meaning UNCW) only scored 7 fewer points than we did in the first half in our game. Richmond has an excellent defensive team. They completely frustrate teams and it can cause their opponent's offense to stumble enough to give them the win any night (see #13 Florida).
thats 1/3 less points... on a different note uncw is full of piss and vinegar in the second half richmond... wouldnt we be better off with uncw winning this game as we play them twice including an away game which would count more than a home win in the RPI?