Recruiting Michael Belle (Espoirs ELITE, Fr)

Just because he transferred out, does not mean he did not enjoy his time and great basketball amenities here at VCU. Perhaps JJ feels that VCU and the new coach (based on JJ's interaction with Odom over the last month+) feels that VCU is a great place to develop your skills on the court, strength and conditioning. JJ did exactly that over the last 2 years but with the coaching change, he opted to try a different path because regardless of whether he stayed or left he would be starting over with a new coach and players.
I think being closer to home was also a factor for JJ. I really don't fault any of our former players who transferred...with the potential exception of the ones who followed Rhoades to Penn State. They all still seem to have a lot of love for VCU since it got them to where they are now.
Hey Gang, greetings from the other team. While we're waiting for Belle's decision, just wanted to wish you guys good luck in your other recruiting:) We've both been hit pretty hard this off-season. Off-topic- I want both of our programs to be successful when the BigEast expands. Would love for us and the Bills to earn invites.

Cheers, Flyer Fanatic